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Sportovní gymnázium, Kladno, Plzeňská 3103

Sports Grammar School Kladno

Welcome to Sports Grammar School Kladno

Our school is a part of Czech secondary educational system. It offers education for girls and boys aged 11 – 19 years. The school was founded in 1984 and offers a full and balanced general curriculum, in which key subjects are compulsory, covering both sciences and humanities and including the study of foreign languages. That prepares solid foundations for subsequent university study.

In each academic year the school opens two classes in the eight-year programme (for pupils aged 11) and two classes in the four-year programme (for students aged 15). So there is a total number of twenty-four classes at the school. There are around 700 students and 70 members of pedagogical staff and coaches. Those parts work together in collaboration to create a friendly and stimulating environment and provide the pupils with a high-quality education.

One feature that distinguishes us from other Czech schools is that in each grade there are, besides normal academic classes, also sports classes. These classes provide education for students who need to combine sports training with their studies. Their timetable is therefore adjusted to their specific needs so they can be successful in both sport and academic studies. The major sports of our school are ice hockey, athletics, swimming, judo and volleyball. We also offer individual study programmes for other students who do sport on a higher level and participate in many competitions such as tennis players.


Kladno in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It is located about 17 kilometres north-west of Prague and is a part of the Prague metropolitan area. So it only takes 30 minutes to get to the center of Prague.

Our school is conveniently located close to Kladno city center but also within walking distance from sports facilities. The school is easily accessible by public transport.


The principal is Mrs Květoslava Havlůjová, who was appointed in 2019.
We would like to open ourselves to the world and new experiences.
So we are currently looking for new partner schools. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you want to visit us or establish a partnership.

Please contact 

Mrs. Jana Kotzinová, email: sgkotzinova@sgagy.cz or Tomáš Řehák sgrehak@sgagy.cz 

Regarding potential partnerships or other forms of international collaboration.